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During summer school, the district was also able to provide a free breakfast for students and community members under 18. Adult breakfasts were also available for a minimal cost as part of the Seamless Summer option for meals.

Here are some things the students had to say about their experience at Summer School 2018:

Jaxon Hallowell says, “Summer school is very cool because you get to learn more stuff and it’s better for next year.”

Blake says “I like math the best because I’m good at it, and I’m learning a lot I’ve never been taught, like reflex angles.”

“Everyone should come to summer school because it is fun and you learn a lot”, says Aiden Haag. He adds, “I like basketball the best, because most of my friends are in there and if they aren’t my friends, they are nice to me.”

Kelsey says, “I like math the best because it helps you learn time and money.”

“I like summer school because you get to go on computers and do IXL”, says Anna Shear.

Leigha Gammie says, “Summer school is incredible because I can make new friends and it’s really fun!”

“Summer school is great! We get to make slime in science and do magic sand!” exclaims Kaleigh Jones.

Dani Essman says, “In arts and crafts we get to make so many cool things! Right now we are doing a black glue project.”

“Everyone should come to summer school because you make new friends and get to see your old ones”, Jaiden Adams.

As the lead teacher of summer school, it has been amazing to see the growth, excitement, and love of learning going on. The teachers are doing an amazing job with differentiated instruction, hands-on learning, and exciting lessons. It is evident they are doing an amazing job as we see the smiling faces come in the door every morning and witness their growth. Students are getting essential education in reading, math, science, and technology. They are also getting valuable hands-on learning in arts and crafts and skill building games. Add to that strengthening their social and emotional skills and you have a perfectly well-rounded education! As rewarding as all that is, seeing them make new friends, learn to cope with life’s struggles, and acquire team building skills has been wonderful for all involved! We hope to be back again next year! 

Susie Thrush, Summer School 2018 Lead Teacher

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