About Student Council

      Hey, my name is Monse and I'm the Student Council President! I run the meetings and me and the other officers are always coming up with new ideas for you guys. I enjoy singing, band, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. You can contact me at gonzalezmo@ses44.net.
Abby Mascal (Vice President)
      Hello I’m Abby Mascal, Northlawn Student Council Vice President, and I’m in 7th grade. I help out  our President (Monse), and I help run the meetings. My favorite subjects are Math and Science. I enjoy basketball, acting, sewing, and helping others. You can contact me at macalabby@ses44.net.
      I'm Brayden Matsko and I am the Student Council Treasurer this year, As the treasurer I manage the financial, and technological operations of the student council. My favorite subject is math, and in my free time I enjoy using / learning about new technology. You can contact me by using the Contact Us button on the side or by emailing me at matskobrayden@ses44.net.
Syria Zuniga (Secretary)
      I'm Syria Zuniga and I am Secretary for Student Council. As Secretary I take notes during meetings to look back on. In my free time I like to draw or listen to music. You can contact me at zunigasyria@ses44.net.
Amelia Martinez (Historian) 
      Hi my name is a Amelia Martinez I am the historian, and as historian I help plan future events. In my free time I like to paint, read, and listen to music. You can contact me at martinezamelia@ses44.net.
Student Council Facts 
There are 44 Student Council members
Student Council has hosted 2 dances (Halloween, and Black Light)


The class of 2018-2019's Student Council Summary 
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