NL Yearbook

NL Yearbook


Non-Fiction Requirements
Each student is responsible for reading nonfiction books each quarter. All students need one point of nonfiction this quarter. They must read a biography or autobiography for 3rd quarter. I encourage students to read a book on a topic they know a little about to help with comprehension. Non-fiction reading is more challenging than fiction for many students. I recently had a grant funded through Donors' Choose; therefore, I received over fifty non-fiction books for students to read. Topic vary from Thomas Jefferson to Neil Armstrong to J.K. Rowling. I encourage students to use my classroom, the school library, or the Streator Public Library to find a good non-fiction book that interests them!
Grade Level Art Contest Guidelines
Grade Level Cover Page

The theme of the yearbook is “Celebrating Our Year.” This year’s cover art will highlight the four seasons. Create a drawing that will introduce your grade level in the 2014-15 yearbook. Each grade has an assigned season/theme (see below);
5th grade- Summer
6th grade- Fall
7th grade- Winter
8th grade- Spring
  • One entry per student
  • Must represent Northlawn in a positive manner
  • Colorful, creative, neat, and organized
  • Grade level incorporated into the picture
  • Must be submitted on provided paper
  • Design must be within the designated lines
  • No spelling errors
  • All drawings should be in colored pencils, marker, and/or paint. (Suggestions: The bolder and brighter the better)
  • No stick figures
  • Must be an original drawing
  • No violating copyright laws (i.e. Disney characters, Nickelodeon, etc.)
  • Artist’s name should NOT be on the submission. Attach the slip below with your artwork.
Winning selections will be announced and prizes will be distributed in mid-January.
All submissions must be turned in no later than 2:00 on December 10, 2014 to Mrs. LeBeau (room 215). Submissions turned in after the deadline will not be considered for the contest.
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2014 Art Contest Information
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