About Us

MISSION STATEMENT:  We at Streator Elementary School District #44, in cooperation with the community, using a wide variety of opportunities and experiences, will provide a comprehensive curriculum designed to help all students reach their full potential, become life-long learners, and productive members of society.

We believe the Streator Elementary Schools share the responsibility of education with the parents, the community, and the children themselves.

We believe that the school's function is to provide learning experiences that will help each student reach the maximum intellectual, emotional, moral, social, and physical growth and development.

We believe the principle purpose of our educational program is to provide opportunities for our students to be and to become well adjusted, successful, and useful citizens in our democratic way of life.

1959: Construction of a new school building on Riverside Avenue in Streator is announced. The property is acquired from Myrtle Kimes. The building will be named Kimes School.

1960 - Construction for the 9,900 square feet of Kimes School began. -The location was chosen in the southwest part of Streator. The land belonged to a former Streator grade school principal, Myrtle Kimes. As a result of her interest in education, she agreed to sell the property of five acres for $25,000--a very good bargain price for the times as new homes were being built in the area and land prices were very high. The Streator Board of Education chose to name the school in her honor, and so it was called the Myrtle Kimes School.

1961 -The school opened on January 3, 1961 with classrooms for grades 3, 4, 5, and 6. There were 90 students in attendance.

1968 - An addition on the south of the building was completed, boosting the Kimes School enrollment to 165 and hosting students in kindergarten through 5th grades.

1991 - the Kimes mascot, Snort the Dragon, was chosen in a student election. Kimes' school colors are red and white.

2004- An addition on the east side of the school doubled the size and population of Kimes.  PreK students began to attend Kimes.
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